Lena is here...

it is the first time i visit this site, i thank u alot for what u did for me, sent emails, and told me how to improve my E, so, by the way, thanks alot, i will visit and enjoy,
Of course my E is not very good, but i try everyday, and hope u can help me,

Hi Lena, welcome to our forum. Your English is quite good, how and where have you been learning it?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: How does Dr Beech characterize the assistantship?[YSaerTTEW443543]

hi, thanks alot for u reply, let me introduce my self a bit, now i live and study in Russia, in one city which is very cold, but im not russian, i come from other country, i want to get Toeic exam, and finish my study in R, i hope i can improve my E gradually hi, Could u help me ?

Hi LenaSweetie!
I’m Rebecca!
Just some words to say that i really want to make friends.
If you agree, contact me through my email: rebecca_sungmin@yahoo.com

hi, welcome… me also new on that site and i join this forum just to improve my english… so the best way to share ur experiences and cultures with other friends on this site… in that way u will not only improve ur vocabulary material but ur writing skills will also improve… i am from pakistan and doing job and study MBA