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Speak of the fun of thinking, I thoughted of the father’s situation.The father is a philosophy professor, in 56 researches that are engaged in a thinking history.In the old age, he tells me life academic career, like a terrible movie.Whenever he attempts argumentation, always want seeking his/her own position in official systems of thought of big unification, want such as an old hen at a greatly move house of seek a place to hatch in house hospital similar.Result although he has a passion for science and makes great effort, in the whole life but don’t get the fun of thinking, harvested numerous dismays.His life quest, left is some to break wall of damaged site, receive an autonym as the book of 《logic quest 》 inside, after death publish at him.Know to all, he the scholar of that generation, can leave a book during a lifetime quite good.This because in those ages, someone wants to make the thought of Chinese thoroughly tasteless.We are this national inside, only seldom of the person will feel that the thought will have fun, but have the dismay that a lot of people once felt that the thought brings, so now return the many people think and thought of the flavor should is such.
This day, big gun bottom the village come back and walk on Gao Gao’s river embankment.It is getting dark, a telephone in the home connects a telephone and urge a life say, the supper has already put a table, wait you, hurry.The big gun connects a voice to promise, foot immediately quick get up.Eyes of big gun follow a head to be partial to backward, could not see right ahead, foot a piece of rock Ban he is one Jiao, he is a swoop, plant descend river embankment.
The words delivered to go out, I the ground of Leng Leng sit to appear lost in thought, 1 kind calls jealous of felling the small snake kind ground rove around in the body and take out a kind of hard speech-like in shape mournful.Who can don’t need that kind of the natural affection surrounds of felling?Sighed tone, when I gloomily wanted to close a dialog box the mother’s last words came:Good evening Han son, look after younger brother.
Huang You just lovely since the childhood, obedient.Huang You just not only listens to grandpa’s grandmother’s words very much.The words that listen to father and mother very much also listen to the words of the village inside adults very much.After entering schools, Huang You just and really listenned to the teacher’s words and respected especially to the teacher and had a class especially hard.Huang You just of study Authentic heat Mario Chalmers Jersey Sale result very good, when went to work, also year by year took the citation of "three good students"s.The teacher says:"Huang You just classmate if so-keep on keeping keeping, ascend a junior high school to take the entrance examination of university into the senior high school, it is basical to have no problem."The teacher says again:“Be different from that Huang to become rich, always play truant a truancy, ask for is living not, also usually against a teacher, don’t know a parent as well is how to take care of something to teach.”

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