Lease can you review my essqay about infornmation technology Thanks

  1. In what ways has information technology changed work and working practices in the past 10 years?
    Nowadays, information technology plays a crucial role in people’s lives and due to the information technology people’s working practices have changed greatly over the last ten years. The most important its branches are the internet and certainly modern computers.
    First of all, advances in information technology made people’s working hour more flexible and it is very useful for environment. The employees whose work involves working with papers and on the phone have a chance to telework. For example, ten years ago people could not enjoy working through skype. Now working at home is widespread . Moreover, it is much more profitable for organization as they have reduced expenditures on facilities. On the other hand, there is no need for employees to commute to work every day and to spend money on transport. Even an interviewee may be interviewed through the skype at present thanks to modern technologies and teachers teach with the help of advances in the information technology. In addition , all bank operation are performed now through the internet. People should not go to the bank to find out about their balance, to withdraw money or to pay off the overdraft and it is a great advantage for work of the accountants.
    Secondly , in some developed countries citizens have an opportunity to get documents and even passports without leaving home. In order to use this service they have to have a good internet connection and a computer.
    Finally, for example in Russian , three years ago a new project in the field of medicine was launched. Now it is possible for leading doctors to consult their colleagues even if they are far away.
    Undoubtedly, information technology has made big alteration in people’s working conditions for the last decade and I firmly believe in ten years there will be other great changes which made people’s lives more easy.

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