learnt or learned?

I have a question. We studied at school, that the word “to learn” is irregular and it has such forms as, “learn” - “learnt” - “learnt”. I was surprized to find the form “learned”. Are both correct? Thank you.

“learned” and “learnt” are both possible as the past tense of “learn”, but I believe “learnt” is primarily BrE.

(There is also an adjective “learned”, which is pronounced differently, having two syllables. This is always “learned”, never “learnt”.)

Hi Helen,

Worth pointing out how this second use of this word as an adjective is pronounced:



“He was a learned(adj) professor and he learnt(v) many things.”
Is this sentence OK?

Yes, that’s OK. However, the “learned … learnt” repetition feels like deliberate wordplay, and arguably it would make more sense as “… and he had learnt many things”.