Learning to plan and manage our life at youth

Some people say that in modern life, it’s necessary for the young people to learn about planning and managing life.

No one can ever deny the importance of planning and managing of our lives as the key factor for success in our life. If you look at the life of the dignitaries, you perceive that they had a meticulous plan for all stages of their life. In spite of this fact, while some have a plan for their life, others prefer to take life easy and just enjoy their life. From my perspective, making a plan for our life in youth is of high importance, specially in this contemporary age.
First and foremost, for achieving our ambitious goals one should specifies his objectives and after an exact evaluation set his plans for his life. This can be really important for our prosperity, specially in the modern world that we have a lot of ways for spending our time in the youth and adulthood. Some people find their interest in painting, some find it in driving and some may find it in pursuing academic education. You should find your interest and set your plans of life accordingly. As a successful mechanical engineer, I myself think managing my life according to my plans have been the most important contributing factor for my development.
Furthermore, it should be noted that having a plan is imperative for a balanced development of a person. That is to say, we must manage our life in a way that all of the aspects of our life develop and should not stick to only one aspect of our life. This purpose cannot be attained unless we have a comprehensive plan for our life. These aforementioned aspects of our life include our academic education, entertainment, social skills and health. Honestly, I did not have progress in all of these aspects and now I really regret that I just considered my education at my juvenile.
On the other hand, those who advocate just enjoying themselves and not needing a plan for their lives, reason that life is very short and full of difficulties. We should not make it tougher for ourselves by these plans. From my point of view, however, a critical point seems to have been overlooked here. Without having a program, although we may get more pleasure from our youth, we definitely encounter much more tough predicaments in our adulthood and old age.
To recapitulate, everyone depending on their characteristic and temperament prefer to either have a plan for their future or just face whatever happens to them and then decide what they should do. According to the preceding discussion, we profit much more by having a plan in our adolescence. In this way, not only we can achieve our predefined goals, but we also can deal with different angles of our life. I firmly recommend you think about the plan of your life before it gets too late.

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Hi Farshad, another good essay. Your content is excellent and you have supported your points with good examples. You have a lot of usage mistakes though, like incorrect conjugations, preposition choices, and infinitive/gerund choices. Here’s a little tip about choosing specially or especially: quickanddirtytips.com/educat … especially
Usually, specially comes right before a verb, like specially made, specially created, and so on - otherwise use especially. Though your writing was clear, with all the minor mistakes it just doesn’t sound that natural so I think I can only rate it a 3.5 out of 5.