Learning New English words which don't have corresponding concepts in my native l

Learning New English words which don’t have corresponding concepts in my native language.
Even if I mug-up the sentence being used in a sentence i have trouble using these words in a sentence on my own as i’m unable to picturize the actions,noun represented by the words in my head

What do you mean by “mug-up”? By the way, I am fascinated by how different languages are missing words for concepts that are described by single words in other languages. For instance, English has no word to describe a parent whose children have all died. English has one word for a mixture of white and red - “pink”, but no word for a mixture of white and blue, instead we say “light blue” or “baby blue” or maybe “sky blue”. I know Arabic has many words describing the different stages of sunrise and sunset, which are important for Muslim prayers, but English does not have an equivalent for many of these words. I think you may be able to tell quite a bit about a culture by looking at what words are missing. What words have you found in English that lack a direct equivalent in your own language? And do you know of any words in your own language that have not English equivalents?

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The most important aspect of job is money . Do you agree or not ?

People always look for a better opportunity in life. Job is part of life .It gives us more decent life and happier society. There are so many aspects of job we aspire for . I believe, money is the most central reason in a job. It brings your respect from your family and society as well.
Firstly , a high paying job can give us more independent life for oneself and our immediate family. A rich person has more time for oneself and for social life whereas a poor people constantly struggles to make his end meets. For instance, while I was growing up, my father was the only bread earner in our family with his limited income. He struggled hard day and night to give us a better life . No much time for himself.
Similarly, a job with low salary may leads to many forms of malpractices. I read and seen lots of cases wherein a school teacher and government officer take bribe from people to get a better grade in the school or to give special benefits to the person respectively. Yes corruption is the worst thing in life. These people get into this behavior issue like corruption because of low income in their career. Even I heard from my high school teacher warned me not to pursue any teaching profession as you will struggle to have a decent life.
Finally, in a corporate world, the employee attrition level is growing up because of competitive salary in the market. For example, one of my friends was offered a hike in salary when he served a notice period of leaving the job. And he still works there. So many companies raise the salary to keep the attrition level low.
In conclusion, yes money is the most important aspect in any job. With a good income, people are more independent , and avoids all sort of malpractices and remain in the job as well.

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