Learning English and Spanish- fast, fun, easy and cheap

If you are a student, looking for fine income possibilities,
here is some information, you might find valuable.

Today learning English is very popular worldwide, but for some a very expensive project,

A new internet tool can help students practice and learn English, from home, any time, day or night!!
With easy web access from any where in the world!
Learning English from multiple languages (Spanish, German, French, Italian, polish, Turkish, Russian and more!!)
Visual and audio reading and hearing the language, the computer “speaks” back words and sentences!!
Easy, fun, methodic, pleasant way to practice the world most important language!
All this at a very low and affordable rate of - 10$ a month!

30,000 students have already signed in, from 49 countries, learning English, and saving money!

Do you wish to know English?
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If your answer is yes!
Contact me here on this forum!

Thank you very much,
Michael Cantor

Dear Michael,

Many thanks for your interesting posting. I’m sure a lot of people will exchange their learning experiences here on our forum and maybe you can give some additional information on how to learn languages.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your immediate response. I’m quite sure you know what a forum is about? It’s a place where people ask questions and get advice on a particular subject. For example, if somebody wants to know how to learn English, they may post this question here and people like you can share their experiences. This is much more effective and polite than just shoving a URL into their faces. Imagine you are invited to a party and one of the guests says I’d like to improve my English, do you have any ideas how to achieve this? and instead of answering their question you are just pulling one of your business cards out of your pocket. You certainly can think of a better way of answering questions, can’t you?

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