Learning an American accent update

Hi, I’m still trying to improve my accent so as to sound American. The text I’m reading is this one:

Don is married to Dawn and they sleep on a cot. Don caught Dawn looking at the time, but of course, this wasn’t a crime. It is just for the purpose of this rhyme. Dawn likes to bake pies and thought it was time to stop the clock before they were done. Don found a bag of rot in the garage and cleaned it up with a rag. Dawn isn’t a nag or a hag…she can just be a little bit vague. She likes to work around the house and sometimes likes to go out and about. But, you’ll never catch her up on the roof, for she is afraid of heights. She is a rider, while her husband is a writer. They just bought a knife to add to their collection of knives. They are not sorry that it’s not tomorrow, as they’re too busy enjoying today.

I’m trying to sound native-like so any criticism is very welcome. I’d like the accent to be authentic some day.

that’s great . keep up the good work . I share you the interest in American English , right now my mic is broken so i can’t record voice message but i’ll do soon

i will read now

i will try to learn thanks for all poeople help my

keep practicing as practice makes perfection

( vague , her , roof ,rag , garage ) pay attention to the pronunciation of these words , look at their transcription in the dictionary , then repeat them exactly as you hear them
that helps a lot dictionary.cambridge.org/

Good luck