Learning about past has no value for people in present? agree or disagree

Learning about the past has no value for those of us living in the present? Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Learning is an important aspect in everyone’s life. Learning help in advancement of human life in variuos fields such as education and also technology. Some people believe that learning about past has no value for present generation and others believe that it is worth for those living in present. In my view, learning about the past is an asset for those living in the present for several reasons including bringing of knowledge and information of past living and also increase of our efficiency and creativity.
First, learning about past increase our knowledge and information. Knowledge of the past will make a pavement for present population in many fields such as education, film , art and music. People with help of past information will know how to approach towards their target or goal so that the mistakes that happened in the past may not repeated and target may be reached in better way. For example, I had a friend in my college days who loves to play piano. His goal is to compose a piano tune for a ballet dance of his school friends. He studied whole history of piano tuning and mistakes that may occur due to improper playing of tunes. After learning of all the knowledge and information he was able to play piano to the ballet dance successfully and his tune was selected as best prize in the whole exhibition.
Second, learning about past increases our creativity and efficiency. Past technology will form a road for upcoming technologies. For instance, in olden days we use to have a basic mobile phone. But now a days people are using a smart phone in each and every scenario. The smart phone was an advancement of phone which was designed by using the creative idea of mobile calling and texting from past. In short Advancement in technology is possible by learning from past. On the other hand, some modern advancements in some fields such as medicine has no use as people prefer to use traditional methods for some diseases.
In conclusion, though it has pros and cons I would say learning of past has value for those living in present. It will help in increasing knowledge and creativity . I would suggest many people to learn from past which will have a valuable effect in future.

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Hi Rakeshchanda, I think your essays are getting better. I really liked your intro and your examples in this one.