Learn vs Study?

Hi everybody

i’m a newmember here, after reviewing the forum, i realize that i get to know lots of ideas which i’ve never known before, that’s really great for me as a english learner.
but here i wanna know the meaning of one sentence that make me lost ?. the sentence is The more you study, the less you learn. what does it mean? what is the difference between [color=blue]study and [color=blue]learn?
hope to get ur help :slight_smile:
[color=blue]jupiter, a Cambodian newcomer

To study is to pursue knowledge; to learn is to acquire knowledge.

Hi Jupiter,

So glad you find the site useful. This expression:

The more you study, the less you learn has a cynical undertone because it suggests that if you become too involved in study as in reading too many books, you will not learn/find out what is happening around you in the real world.

On this site we try very hard to keep you in the real world!