Leads and sales

What exactly is a lead in marketing terminology? Is it the same like a prospect? Thanks again for your answers :slight_smile:

I would think so, English Fan, though I would have to see it in context to be sure. A lead is presumably some sort of clue to, suggestion for, or introduction to a possible customer.

Hello Mister Micawber, thanks for your explanations. Here is a sentence Iโ€™ve found on the web and it gives me an idea of what a lead is about but I still canโ€™t make out the difference between a lead and a prospect:

No business can survive without sales. Hone your selling skills and convert more of your sales leads with these resources about selling and sale techniques.

Yes, I agree that lead can be synonymous with prospect.

As I intimated above, though, a lead can also be one step removed. A prospect, I think, is usually a possible customer, but a lead can also be information directing the salesman to a possible customer.