Leadership Requirements (7)

Cultural Diversity is a relatively new topic to most European medium-sized companies and organisations. Therefore, the following check-list should be applied before starting a Diversity program:

  • The leadership of your company should understand that a diverse workforce and cross-cultural contacts will increase your team's efficiency because you are able to generate different approaches to a situation.
  • The leadership of your company should recognize both — the new learning opportunities as well as the challenges that occur from different perspectives within your organization.
  • Your organization should encourage openness and trust.
  • Your organizational structure should allow and enable personal development of each member.
  • You company culture should make each individual team member feel valued important.
  • Your company should have goals that each team member understands and identifies with.
  • Your company should reward team members for their personal initiatives and commitments.
In our next step we will examine the stages our organization has to go through on its road to becoming culturally diverse and open-minded.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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