Latin -- I Want To Learn!

Some say that Latin is a dead language. Like hell it is!

I’m about 66% fluent in Spanish and know a little bit of French and Italian… and as a little boy I made a Roman soldier out of yarn at Bible school (Ahhh, the faces of the adults!!! “Dinah, the Romans were polytheists! Why is Tom idolizing the soldiers of Rome?!”) and once stood at the door of my grandparents’ house (age 4), turning their guests away with “You must enter through another door; this door is being guarded.”


Before I was old enough to love football, my favorite helmet was that of the Roman soldier, with the red plumes raised high from front to back, down the middle.

Could someone please tell me the conjugations for the basic verbs? Gamely, I’ll try “to be”:

I am = Ego sum
You are = Tu es
He is = Id est
She is = Ella est
They are = Ellas son
We are = Nos summa

That language is very much alive. It is the font of Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Romanian… languages that have lent their words to non-Romance languages.

To anyone willing to help, I offer my profound thanks.


Hello Prez,

Not quite:

sum (1st sing.)
es (2nd sing.)
est (3rd sing.)
sumus (1st pl.)
estis (2nd pl.)
sunt (3rd pl.)

Subject personal pronouns are generally only used with verbs for reasons of emphasis, etc.

Best wishes,


Thanks MrP!