Labayk ya muhammad

Hey Muslims all around the world!

Raise your voices to defense of our prophet Muhammad. Muslims shouldn’t be silent. As the Muslims never insult other religions, the other religions are not allowed to insult Islam.

Labayk ya Rasul Allah.

Hello yasamin,

I , not being a muslim, agree that the video is meant an insult and that it was made intentionally. But you shouldn´t step into the trap some dull warmongers placed. Be assured that it isn´t the common point of all the other religions or cultures and the vast majority don´t believe in such nonsense like that video.



Hi Michael,
Thanks for your response. You are right. I know all religions or cultures don’t have any fault in this event. But you shouldn’t think just about your religion. That was just an awareness to all religious people. Our religion, Islam, hasn’t allowed the Muslims to insult other religions, Because we believe that other religions are our religions too.
Jesus and Muses and Abraham are our prophets too. We love all of them and never insult them. But how often we see some events like this and they are very painful for us. The cartoon of our prophet, this new movie and… . And when we see the president of America even is not ready to apologize, it really make us angry. All people should know that Islam is an divine religion just like Christianity and Judaism. And Muslims are tired to see more events like this.

Take care

Hi,everybody,especially Muslims of all around the world.
I love my religion an love my holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad - PBUH-
I do not let my religion’s enemies to insult my Great,Honest,very Kind prophet.
How they allow themselves to insult our prophet- the holy one who Allah ,behalf of him, has created all of creatures of the world.

I agree with Michael

I agree with Michael

Thank u for your speech.I appreciate u.I love all of holy prophets and holy messengers of Allah:Hazrat Massiah(Jesus) Hazrat Musa and the others.
If u and all men & women of the world recite the Holy Quran,as the complete and guidance Book of Allah,they will find so many truth in it about anything.
Labbayk ya Mohammad -PBUH-

Than you Zahra. All of the Muslims should be like you and I think they are.

Good morning sir,
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