Kindly clear my doubts?


Hi everyone, would you agree that the phrase ‘kindly clear my doubts’ is Indian English or is it used in standard English too? Many thanks, Torsten


In my view, ‘Kindly clarify my doubts’ will be better, Torsten. We also say ‘dispel doubts’.


I don’t think the phrase in particular is Indian English, but the way it is often used in messages here is Indian English usage( regardless of whether you say ‘clarify’, clear’ or ‘dispel’.) The phrase which strikes as being really particularly Indian English is ‘I have a doubt’ when it relates to asking questions about points of grammar. To my knowledge, this is not a term used in standard English.

We would use these in such a context.
I have a question/query.
I am doubtful.
You have raised some concern over…


Indian English, agreed! :slight_smile:

So is “according to me” I believe. I’d simply say “in my opinion” instead: according to me?!


Yes, ‘according to me’ sounds rather strange and is rarely used by native speakers if at all.


Yes, it’s InE. I was corrected by Alan when I happened to use it on this forum once.