Kind of Preposition

Hi teachers

There are many kinds of preposition. Thus, How namy kinds of them?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jupiter,

Apart from the use of prepositions with particular verbs and in special constructions like the passive, prepositions tend to fall into two main categories: time and place - included in space is also movement. I have written a piece on prepostions for the site, which you may like to look at. Check to see how many types you can find:


Dear Alan

That was interesting! :smiley:

You wrote: " At the time I was living in a small village about 25 miles from London."

What is at the time ?

Is it a fixed expression?



Dear Amy

What do you think about this expression? Is it a fixed idiom or what? Please use it in one sentence.


Hi Tom

It is a standard expression and can simply be used to refer back to something that has already been mentioned in a previous sentence. (i.e., to illustrate the usage, you would normally need more than one sentence.)
It means “at the time when that happened”.

I’ve had a look at Alan’s text. Basically, I understand his “at the time” to mean: “at the time when this story about how I got a job happened”.