Killing Bono (and a few dodgy accents)
Well I’m just back in from “Mad Tuesday” were I watched killing Bono.
All the cinemas in Belfast let you in for half price or even less on a Tuesday and if you go during the day there’s no crowds.
It was always going to be a film I would “have to” see so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be an entertaining enough movie (In spite of a few dodgy accents)It took me back to when I was a kid and went to see U2 in the Ulster Hall Belfast (about 100 years ago) There was about 300 odd people at the gig and they were pretty crap. But this was during the Punk era and at the time you didn’t really need to be able to play your instruments properly… … Edge strummed along repetitively while Bono ran around screaming Energetically. Back then it was Larry Mullins drumming that kept them afloat for at least you had a strong beat to prance to. Sometimes when I look back its hard to comprehend their metamorphoses into arguably the biggest band of all.
Heres a U2 link from before.
There’s probably not many as old as me on the forum but just in case you’re interested here’s a rather cruel unsympathetic review - … eview.html

Hi Jamie,
Being far from the oldest though of age already, I heard some notes reminiscent of young Mick Jagger /in sound and vocals/, and saw that of young Alice Cooper in looks. They /KB/ may still have their fans but, sorry, it was Deep Purple who turned me on / and still do!/, I mean the starry line-up of late 60s - early 70s, with Jan Gillan, Jon Lord…But what you really did, you evoked a stroke of nostalgia, must hear Fireball - immediately.

Its funny but i sometimes think the soul of 60’s and 70’s pop seemed to migrate into the DDR and the Soul of “Hard Rock”(later called metal)seemed to move its headquarters into Russia…

All the US stuff of the 80’s and 90’s seems to be just “American Rock”(for Americans only) - Some of it exceptionally good but not of the same raw edgy original sound.

There’s smth in you words. I think, people of the countries you mentioned still dig Rock /and the advanced ones Jazz, too/ as symbols of Freedom they for so long were deprived of. The 60s and 70s were tempestuous years, with revolutionary ideas among students, talks about legality of ‘grass’, hippie movement. I like that atmospere of sincerety /gone now/, with Woodstock, Jon Lennon, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, …Well, you touched upon some strings in my soul.