Kiev, Ukraine unrest: Oppostion sceptical over crisis talks

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Hopefully things will still turnout ok Eugene I was having another look at this.

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  • I think you’ll understand what I mean Jamie: ”Cowardice asks the question – is it safe? Expediency asks the question – is it politic? Vanity asks the question – is it popular? But conscience asks the question – is it right? There comes a time when one must take a position which is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”
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I agree totally was gonna ask if most Ukranians have camera’s on their Cars like Russians do? For Accidents? - I don’t think you are a big fan of the Russians If I remember correctly but I liked this they can’t all be bad :slight_smile:

The PC I’m at now, doesn’t allow me to watch your video Jamie.
I guess you meant the Video Registrator for Car as we call it here. Many consider it helpful (even to the extent it can be taken as an evidence at court of law). Road police get noticeably nervous seeing a car equipped with that device…

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Eugene its actually a collection of people doing good deeds helping people in danger or helping them cross the road etc. My first reaction was to think it was all staged until I remembered that a lot of them have that system.

But regarding the present unrest in Kiev - is the present Government pro Washington or Pro Moscow?

IMHO you would be better with Putin than the West - In the last few years think of the number of times the west has either destabilised, invaded, destroyed or removed the Government of Sovereign Nation.

Not endorsing this article just putting it out there Coup In Western Ukraine:

The question is not whether the Ukrainians want to ‘be with Putin’ or ‘the West’ (whatever that might mean) – what we see now is simply how the Ukrainians are taking more responsibility for their own situation. Or course many of them still think that they will always screwed by whomever but slowly more and more people in Ukraine understand that their politicians will only change if they – the Ukrainian people – change themselves. Many of them still don’t care about politics because they don’t believe they will have any influence over their lives whatsoever. They don’t believe in the fact that ‘every nation has exactly the government it deserves’.

How a many people are usually in a government? Let’s a say a few hundred. Why is it that if a few hundred people screw up, millions of others just put the blame on them? If a government is corrupt, the people they are dominating are corrupt, too. Only in a different way. But they are in no way better than their governments. A corrupt and rotten government can only exist if has an obedient and disinterested people it can screw.

TOEIC listening, photographs: Mailing letters

IMO they won’t be able to go it alone and if they try they will be destabilized by both instead of just one. My main fear is that Klitschko & Co is being bankrolled by the Banksters and will open the door to Europe and financial enslavement once in power - The country is much too strategic and you can’t blame Putin for not wanting US Missiles on his door step like the US & Nato are hoping for if they can sucker Ukraine into Europe.

hope the hell I’m wrong but thats what the patterns suggest.

[quote=“Political Lurker”]
IMHO you would be better with Putin than the West

You mean better the devil you know? The point is: that is the devil we’ve known far too well, and many people here, particularly those born in independent Ukraine, need no more Russian tsar. The problem with Russians, they’re still treating their neighboring nations, former Soviet republics, as their vassals. We may be idealizing the West with its laws, though many here are yet to suck it and see, getting fed up with living under no laws at all.

Well - think of the people slaughtered by Nato and the West from Oct 89 until today - from the first Gulf genocide until Syria - non of which were as they appeared on the news. Probably 2 or 3 Million Iraqi’s dead alone the Country completely destroyed.

  • against Chechnya, Ossetia? ?

IMO the west has less regard for human life than Putin.

Jamie, whom exactly do you mean ‘the west’? Just a couple of government officials? A bunch of crooks the rest of us can put the blame on?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Sitting on a dock[YSaerTTEW443543]

You speak generically Torsten yet use the word “exactly”?

1/ Not Russia China, South America, the Far or Middle East.
2/ The War Machine, The Zionist Banksters, The Military Industrial Complex, The powers that be.

Take your pick
At the end of the say its a plutocracy not a democracy so to blame it on the people is simplistic and flawed. If you’re gonna say its up to the people to sort it out blah blah!!.. then that’s were we’re headed imo - which is why the PTB are trying desperately to take away the second amendment.

There’s wars and serious rioting going on across the globe so why is Ukraine so different that it gets the speculation news stories and the others don’t. “oh this might happen and that could happen and then this might even happen and who knows what could happen after that - but make sure to stay afraid cause we might have to intervene in some way so remember its important and therefore normal”.

IMO Ukraine has been/is being destabilised by agent provocateurs.


The crux of the matter is this: Ever since mankind has been around, the majority of all people have been governed/screwed/led (whatever you want to call it) by a small minority and the majority of people have been somewhat dissatisfied with their lives. A small minority of people invented religions/gods/ideologies – something to believe in. The vast majority of all people will always believe that it is a small minority that make all the decisions. The majority of all people always think they are powerless and because they think they are powerless, they end up powerless. What you are doing is exactly what the majority always does: Saying that the ‘others’ are responsible for the miseries in this world. Have ever heard an average guy say: “Yes, I’m responsible for my situation.” No, it’s always the others. It’s never ‘us’, it’s never ‘me’: "The War Machine, The Zionist Banksters, the foreigners, the politicians, the bosses, just the usual gang of scumbags.

The average guy is never a ‘scumbag’, he is an ordinary law abiding tax payer who does everything he can but who always be screwed by ‘the others’. The vast majority is never at fault, it’s always a small anonymous bunch of crooks. You and I are the good guys because we can sit here and say that the Zionist Banksters are responsible for our situation. That’s all we can do to make the world a little better, isn’t it?

Jamie, we both speak ‘generically’ as you call it. The difference between you and me is that I do believe that the sum total of what every person think and does results in the situation we have in the world while you say that only small minority of all people is responsible for what is happening in the world while 99% can’t do anything about it.

In your opinion holding 99% of all people responsible for what is happening in this world is simplistic and flawed but blaming 1% of all people is what – rational, logic? You blame the ‘powers that be’. Sounds like you are talking about gods, some imaginary beings. Powers don’t make decisions. People do.

Following your logic, that small minority (the ‘crooks of this world’) possess powers that the vast majority of people don’t. Now, you need to explain where exactly that power comes from? Is it in their genes, is it inherited?

Also, according to your theory, there is nothing that the majority of people can do about what is happening in the world. So, if there is nothing we can, why are we even talking about? What is the point of stating the obvious? We could as well discuss the fact that night follows day because there will always be ‘agent provocateurs’ and other folks we have no influence on whatsoever.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A police officer[YSaerTTEW443543]

Its a natural trait in our make up to seek reassurance from the past but those notions don’t factor in this third millenium.

All nation states owe their existence on controlling three things
1/Ideas and Belief
2/Money and finance
3/A Monopoly on Violence - and only a dying State is forced to reveal that fact - take a look at the FEMA camps, all the shit going on and the increasing centralization of power, the Patriot Act, Militarized Police, Torture, Drones, Guantanamo bay etc…

The Military Industrial Complex is built on the Petro Dollar and is hooked on endless War to feed it. - It is also about to fall apart. I just hope its not as bad as many say.
It completely controls the western media which routinely normalizes war to such an extent that whatever it tells me about Ukraine I would assume the exact opposite to be nearer the truth.

An interesting fact in the context of people in power and the rest to me is that when people start to oppose the official opinion being a vast minority and peaceful they are claimed to be “scatterbrains” only the govs (or whoever in charge) doesn´t have to care about. The more so called “scatterbrains” have got some fans and alike minded and flock together they are accused to be a political or religious opposition which want to disturb the political peace. The moment they are enough to start protests and can´t be avoided to show up publicly they get controlled by official forces. All of the sudden some so called “criminal offenders” get detected in the queues of protesters so that official forces can pick the “found out leaders” of the protests and call them “activists”. Of course “activists” are negative and soon can raise to “terrorists”. and terrorists need to get eliminated as much as can be. Only few terrorists can stand such behave and these ones either get “brainwashed” made “healed mentally ills” of and integrated in the society of rulers or killed.

The other opportunity is to bow from the very beginning and and obey the rules of history and power (economical power , of course).

Those being on the tip of the mountain or on top of the society usually regret when the time has come to leave this position and fight the descent as much as they can.

Seems as braintalented as mankind considers itself we have remained a bunch of technical skillful apes driving a car and looking for an emergency exit into the outer space.

Jamie, you have talked so much about ‘all the shit’ going on using a lot of terms to describe situations that have been happening around the world but so far you have not been able to answer a few very simple questions. On the one hand it seems you read quite a lot about current events but on the other hand you don’t have an answer to the really important questions. How come?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A couple dancing[YSaerTTEW443543]

Answers? In this case there is no answer and therefore no case to answer but just in case I’m not the answer,but the truth is the truth about the truth is there is no truth and thats the truth.

Hope that clarifies the situation…

You are a genius ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A boat on the water[YSaerTTEW443543]