keep your distance/ distance/ at arm's length

Hi there,

Are the following senenteces and their meanings correct?

  • He seemed a very nice person, but when I noticed he could be quite violent to others, I distanced myself from him. (I didn’t wish to be so close with him anymore)

  • He was so mysterious, but also very handsome, yet I kept him at a distance./ I kept him at arm’s length.’(I didn’t wan’t him to become friendly with me.)

  • She fell in love with him the first moment she saw him, yet she kept her distance from him, since she also knew he was, by reputation, a womanizer.’ (probably she did that, because she didn’t want to get hurt.)


This all looks correct to me (other than minor glitches in the parts in brackets that don’t affect the sense).

Thanks Dozy, but what are the minor glitches in the parts between brackets)?
Thanks Alexandro.

  1. Missing full stop. “close with” is unusual. “any more” should be two words. [edited: “anymore” is accepted in AmE I believe]

  2. Unmatched quote. Missing space. “wan’t” should be “want”.

  3. Unmatched quote. Missing capital letter. Comma should be deleted.

I would not normally bother to mention this, but having written “This all looks correct to me” I realised that was not strictly true.

Thanks for correcting my sentences.