Keep working it

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In one scene in the movie Mission to Venice Giuseppe was wounded in the forearm during a fight. After his forearm was bandaged, Paul tells him, “Keep working it.”

Does “Keep working it” mean keep moving your hand and fingers so that your arm recovers quickly? Judging by how Paul moves his fingers when he says that it seems to be the case. But isn’t it a strange advice to a man whose forearm just stopped bleeding?

But this advice does seem reasonable if your arm/hand was immobile (and in a plaster cast) for a long time, for example, if it was broken.

The scene in question is at 1:05:21.

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You’re right. Pauls tells him to keep moving his hands and fingers so that his blood circulation can be maintained, or better yet, improved, so that his forearm would heal faster. A good blood circulation is essential for fast wound healing.


Thank you, Marc!


You’re welcome.

No, it isn’t strange. A slow blood circulation makes wounds heal less quickly. Taking a walk and riding your bike every day, for instance, should make your blood course at a normal rate. Even a good metabolism and proper breathing enhance fast wound healing. Also, ‘Mens sana in copore sano’, yes, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Your physical condition determines your mental health. It’s true, if you feel ill, you also feel lethargic, simply, feeling less energetic, unwilling and unable to do anything.
So, always remember: ‘An early morning stroll is good for people on the whole, it helps your appetite improve, it also helps your bowels to move.’ Line by Roald Dahl - ‘Goldilocks And The Three Bears’ in his ‘Revolting Rhymes’.

Also, I would like to rephrase your question as follows.

  • But isn’t it strange that he should give that advice to a man whose forearm (has) just stopped bleeding? (If you want to stress that you would find this strange at any time and I believe you do find it strange, I would suggest using should.)


Thank you very much again, Marc!


Working it = exercising it.


Exactly, NN.


Thank you, NearlyNapping.