Justice for Matthew Fitzpatrick

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Matthew Fitzpatrick died on the 11th December 2010 in Mannheim Germany. On the 22nd April at the Dublin Coroner’s Court, Dublin, Ireland, a jury returned an Open Verdict on Matthew’s death.

On Matthew’s repatriation to Ireland a second autopsy was carried out in Dublin by the Deputy State Pathologist, who identified numerous injuries on Matthew’s body, to which the cause must be established, specifically:

A blunt force trauma to the back of Matthew’s head
Numerous contusions and abrasions to Matthew’s face and body
Deep injury to his lower back which showed considerable hemorrhaging
Significant neck injuries due to strangulation, which ultimately lead to his death
The Mannheim Police put Matthew’s death down as suicide and closed the case on the 22nd December 2010. From the moment Matthew’s family and friends heard of his death we knew somebody was responsible. The findings of the Deputy State Pathologist cannot and should not be ignored, therefore Matthew’s family demand and expect that the German Police take the loss of Matthew’s life seriously, reopen the case, and carryout a thorough investigation to bring the person/people responsible for Matthew’s death to justice.