Just wanted to say hello!

Hello everyone. My name is Nick and I am happy to join the community. I am looking forwards to learning and perfecting my English. I currently live in Spain where I have resided since my early school years. The reason I want to perfect my language is because I wish to take an exam sometime in the future to consolidate my fluency, so I can add English to my C.V. and get access to a better job position. The test I am referring to is the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) Very,very,very difficult…
I use plenty of slang, and that is a big handicap. :stuck_out_tongue:
Living in Spain, one tends to get a bit rusty on the grammar and on the tricky words which are used in the business and commercial world. Thanks for reading. All the best!
P.S. I hope to find help and give it if it is within the scope of may possibilities.
Oh! please feel free to correct me if I am wrong…

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forums. You seem to have already attained a high standard in English. (I presume the mistake in the penultimate sentence is a typo.)

Yes, I do tend to type faster than I think… :stuck_out_tongue: One never sees ones own level. I tend to translate from Spanish many times, with atrocious consequences… I have always spoken English at home, but I don’t get much of a chance to use it in my job. I work in a restaurant in the turistic sector. I also married a native (yes, I know it sounds very strange) and she doesn’t speak English at all, well, just a little bit. I rely mostly on T.V. radio and books to get my practice.
Quoting someone famous: “I know one thing, that I know nothing” (Ancient Greek: philosopher Socrates)
And nowadays, with the Internet (such a vast resource of knowledge) you feel humble and have this sense of not progressing. The level I aim for is probably one of the most demanding and difficult, not only for the foreigner, but even more so for the English speaking native. I have been doing some on-line research, and I am truly overwhelmed…
So, I am happy to find this community, where I am sure I will learn a great deal.