Just new today

Hello from sunny Thailand, a 52-year old new member planning to take the TOEFL this year.


Good luck on your exam!
Hope it will pan out for you.

Hi there, I wish you all the best for the test that you are going to face.

Hi Clovis5, welcome. How did you come up with your name? Here in the U.S. Clovis refers to a group of prehistoric people who lived here 10,000 years ago. You can still find their old arrowheads which are called Clovis points.

Hi, thanks for your message.I’ll try and give you an answer.
Actually, I am French and Clovis (also called Chlodovechus in Latin) was the first King of France.
He lived from 466 to 511 AD. He was also the first King to be baptized and became a Christian.So we owe him all the beautiful chuches, monasteries and cathedrals that we have in France.
He is famous in the French history and every French kid learns about King Clovis in the French history class. Especially about the episode of the Vase of Soissons.
Have a nice day.

Clovis5 - Thank you for your answer. It was very informative.

You’re welcome. Have you ever been to France?

Yes, about 20 years ago though! I went to Biarritz, Burgundy, Paris, and Nice in my travels around Europe. Unfortunately, my bag was stolen in Nice with my camera, all my photos, my journal, my credit cards, and my return plane ticket. That was not nice! I had to take a side trip to Marseilles to get it all figured out.