Just Got my TOEFL Score!

Hello everybody! I got my toefl scores a few minutes ago and i´ve being jumping around of happiness…I got:
Reading: 24
Listening: 29
Speaking: 24
Writing: 25
TOTAL: 102!!
I was a little nerveous because i tought the reading part was too long and a little mixed up. I didn´t answer some questions because of the time! The listening part was easy! i didn’t answer about 2 questions also because of the time but i got 29 i have nooo complains.
The speaking part i tought i was going to do better but everybody talking at the same time kind of confussed me, but still got a good grade. And the writting part, the firts essay i think was really good, and the second one i don´t think it was all good because i was already so tired that i kind of blocked! But…anyway! I´m very happy with my grade! Thank youuu everyone in this forum that helped me!

TOEFL listening discussions: Why is the student talking to the advisor?

wow tats a nice score… congrates…
as u ve already taken the tst i need a small clarrification in toefl ibt test…
in the reading and writting sections will the passage be available to us while we answer the quests inspite of our own notes

Congratulation !!!

Suddenly I feel more confident ^^

Hellooo…sorry by taking so long to answer your question i’m sure someone already answered you. Yes, you will have the passage present for you, but it takes a lot of time going back and foward to look for information, i mean it’s in the same page or screen as the questions or the space for you to write, but it takes a lot of time having to go back to check the information, so, if you dont want to take notes, read very focusly so you can answer the questions as soon as posibble as well as well answered. Take care and goo luck in your test!

I just my score:

Reading 27
Listening 28
Speaking 20
Writing 25
Total 100

Hey Trabz, can you tell me exactly how was your speaking responses ? I have to get a minimum of 20 in Speaking.
I’d like to know whether you stopped sometimes in the middle of your responses, wether you got confused, wether you kept speaking the whole time
or was it a good response ??
Did you answer well and in a complete way all the 6 questions ??
I don’t have Idea what is the score 20 like, I guess is not too hard hey ?
I’d be glad if you helped me



heyyy…well i got 24 and i was a little nerveous in the speaking section…it was kind of disturbing that everyone arround me were speaking at the same time as i did…but you just have to answer as you were speaking to some of your friends…normally…at the normal speed that you speak…and try that your answer is accurate, that explains why you think that and everthing…is not so hard just try not to be nerveous and answer what they are asking you …good luck! :wink:

hey flaaak, thanks for having shared your experience =]
I will try to be calm in the whole exam, I hope this is the first and last time that I will take this test
I get nervous in the question 4, that academic topic in which you have to related the reading and listening passages.
Did you take notes in the reading passages ? there’s only 45 sec, can you give me some tips about this question ?
thanks !

Hey…well i’ll tell you what i did…I took notes of the small reading passage…Like keywords you now,information about the time and more important, what did the passage say. Then on the listening part…I made a little list, like:
S1 S2

Which is, student one and student two…and took notes of what they said. This way, when i had to answer the question, i had everything on my paper so i wouldn’t forget everything that both the passage and what the students said, and while i was talking i could mention everything without forgeting something to give a complete answer.
Haha i don’t know if i explained myself…but…in conclusion…take notes…simply notes so then when you are speaking you have everything there in case you forget something…BUT also…take notes while you are reading…paying attention on what the passage says…if you realize that is not enough time, then just finish reading…but finish it.
hah well i hope i helped take care good luck…

i remember that they asked me “what is honesty”
but in one question i was nervous i didnt know what to say , i talked like for 10 sec and waited for 15 sec without talking (however i wanted to add something on my sentence but i didnt since I stopped for a long period of time).

hey thanls you guys,
Due to my studies and this forum, I’m becoming more confident.
I’ll post my scores here as soon as I receive them.
Trabz, Did you practice a lot of speaking before take this test ?
Flaak, you must be fast to take notes in the reading passage which last for only 45 sec, for I can’t do it…
I can in the question number three, because in this question, a problem is usually presented, and it’s really easy to
find the problem and take the note. However, the fourth question is about an academic subject, and I’m unable to take notes while I read in this question.
it’s to much information…But If I can’t do this in the day of the test, I will ready the passage with extreme attention. It willl help :smiley:
thanks for your advices.

nop i didnt practice, I just read the examples in the barrons book.

Hi again!..mm yes i understand what you say…but the idea of taking notes is that you take note of keywords that remind you what the text said, or the listening said. You are also right the question number 3 is easy, and therefore in that one i don’t think is really necesary to take notes, even though i did only to be able to remember anything in case i could forget them, is not easy to pay attention and write notes at the same time, but if you are able to do it it would help you a lot, for me it wasn’t so hard because everytime i study i do that i write a compilation of what i’m reading while i’m reading it,of course, with no time limitations and being able to go back if i want haha lol. But, in question numer 4, when is not a conversation between students nor an information of the university, but the passage is a definition and the listening is a professor in class explaining a process or an history to his students, and in this one, i HAD to take notes because it explained complicated process with names that i wasn’t familiar to because it’s often a class of a certain field, like business for example, so,for me, in the toelf and in the 4 practice test i had i took notes because at the time of explaining i forgot some important stuff, at first it wasn’t easy but then i got used to it, you just have to practice…So haha my recomendation is that you do take notes, but at the same time every person works in a different why, so why don’t you buy some practice tests and see which way works better for you? remember if you do take notes, take notes of the most important things and with you own words, withouth caring about the spelling, or anything, using signs it doesn’t matter as long as you capture the most important thing, haha if certainly you can’t take notes that quick then pay a lot of attention.
For me the easiest part was listening, because i took simple notes and got to answer the questions but i missed about 2 questions because of the time, but even tough i got 29 of 30 :D…hah so my point is…practice and you’ll see what works better for you, for me it was that way. I bought Kaplan’s TOELF Ibt 2008-2009 book with the cd rooms, and it brought 4 practice tests.
So…hah i hope i helped, and remember just be calmed is a lot easier than you think really. Good luck! :wink:

Yeah, thanks again for you tips flaak!
I know the listening is really easy, It’s easy to take note while I’m listenin to something.
It helps me to concentrate! However, thaking notes while I’m reading is pretty hard, but I’m glad it’s only
the fourth question is the only part that I have trouble with. Yeah, I bought the “The official guide of the new TOEFL ibt”, I borrowed the barron’s ibt CD
and the Longman cd, which is more useful for me. In other words…I have a looooot to practice, ow…I forgot, I also bought the Barron’s practice
with 6 audio cds. In a total, I have about 14 or more practice tests to do!
I’m sure If I do all of them and If I don’t be nervous on the day, I will easily get more than 20 in each score section :smiley:
You’ve been such a help, thanks a lot! when I get the results I’ll post them :slight_smile:

Hey haha well yes i can see you have a lot to practice, so good luck with it! hha.I’m sure you’ll be fine i think your english is pretty good…haha you’ll probably get a better score than me haha. When are you taking your test? I practice for only 3 weeks and i was reaaaaaaally nervous…but is not such a hard thing! Take care we’ll see your scores :wink:

yeahh I have a lot of practice :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll take the TOEFL on dezember 12, which means that I got 3 weeks yet
I don’t know dude haha you got good scores!
I’ll do my best!
Thanks again, and take care
I’ll post my score when I receive them.