jay riding

Good afternoon everyone , (or is it in the morning when you are reading this?)
I’ll go straight to the point , I don’t want to bother you.
While I was reading an article about road safety I read that " jay riding " is dangerous and one of the causes of accidents.
I want to know the meaning of " jay riding "

Hi Oyster,

I’m familiar with the expression ‘j[color=darkred]oy riding’. If you actually read ‘jay riding’, maybe it was just a typo.

Anyway, ‘joy riding’ is the ING form of ‘joy ride’ (or ‘joyride’), and you can read the definition by clicking on this link or this link. Joy riding is the act of going for a joy ride. This involves driving a car recklessly, frequently without the car owner’s permission. Probably the most likely type of people who go joy riding are teenage boys. The reason one might go joy riding is to experience extreme thrills in order to feel extreme pleasure (which is why the word ‘joy’ is used in the expression).

[size=75]“Consumers are increasingly feeling that they are being taken for a ride.” ~ Larry Craig[/size]