Jay Inslee: Climate change must be our No. 1 priority


I’m thrilled to see our American friends joining us in on the effort to save our planet and create a future for us and the new generation.



Let’s wish him all the very best so that he can tackle the issue as priority No.1!



Andrew Yang has a lot of ideas how we can solve the problem of climate change and job automation:



I think there is no lack of good ideas for climate rescue. The problem is that those who have are not in charge in the politics. Unfortunately



Exactly- neither of these candidates has any chance of winning in my opinion.



Luschen, that´s the point. Have you heard or read anything about a swedish Student named Greta Thunberg? She is a 16 years old gal that sparked a europe-wide friday morning climate protest of students. Of course she can´t be an expert but she blames politicians for there inactivity regarding the climate change.

Politicians have two ways of defaming her.
The one is blaming her for encouraging students to protest during school time. They blame her for using modern ways of communication and using tranportation like planes. The students following her are blamed for getting picked to school by SUV´s and such and the protest were used for playing truant and waisting protest places with trash from McD and such.
The other way is cheering her up by giving her awards and trying to make her untrustworthy.

Anyway in both cases politicians bet on time till she will drown in the mass again. But none of them politians is willing to change anything. They always point on economy and the impossibility of a change to sustainable and renewable energy.



Greta has now so many supporters around the world and the movement is not going to stop because eventually climate change will affect every single one of us:



Yes, I have heard of her. There is a similar situation involving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a recently elected representative who has proposed a “Green New Deal”. My conservative Facebook friends constantly post things like “she is too young, what does she know” or “she was a waitress, what does she know” or “she’s a Socialist, what does she know” - it is telling how they never really comment on her actual proposal, just personal attacks!



TJ, here is what L Burks, a country fellowman of yours has to say on Andrew Yang and it holds true for most Germans too:

‘This dude has ZERO chance of becoming president…he is too damned smart and makes too much sense…he is WAY ahead of his time…people in America don’t want to get ahead of problems, we want to sit on our ass until the house is literally on fire and falling apart around us and THEN…and ONLY THEN…are we motivated to do anything about it…and even THEN…we won’t do enough…maybe try to put out the house fire by pissing in the corner…’

So, it’s not the few people who are politicians who are at fault but the 95% of people who are not politicians and who tolerate being bossed around by a small bunch of corrupt individuals.



It’s true, the capture of most of Europe by the Nazis nor the Battle of Britain were enough to convince the US to enter WWII - it took Pearl Harbor before we finally put our full efforts towards it. The US can do amazing things, even good things, when we really get motivated, but I wonder what the Pearl Harbor of global warming is that must take place before the US joins the fight.



I think this time around Pearl Harbor is coming gradually one step at a time in the form of damage caused by climate change in combination with job losses due to automation driven by AI/machine learning and big data. It might take a few years and more flooding and wildfires for us to realize that we can’t negotiate with the planet…

Here is only one example of many signs that the next Pearl Harbor is near:



So true, Torsten. It is a problem that the vast majority of people fall for the panic-strategy of the small bunch of people making economical benefits from fossil as well as nuclear energy transformation. Actually I think it also a deeply located mentally fear for a system change. I do not mean communism or socialism and in particular not national romance.

btw. An impressive diagram. The curious thing is that it perfectly matches to those diagrams about manmade global warming published by a former vice president “Al Gore” who competed with George W. Bush in the election 2000. From what I read it´s been the same conditions as with DT vs Hillary Clinton. Gore gained a small majority of votes but not the majority of the presidential electors.



Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez? Isn’t she that woman that published a video of herself dancing?

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Here is a great tweet by Stefanie that hits the nail right on its head:



I’d like to share this powerful song relating to the urgent issue of climate change for all to enjoy as much as I do. If so, please consider sharing the link so that we can turn it into an anthem for the cause, A welsh version is on the way and offers for further translations would be warmly welcomed. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2PbgtAJ. Comments would be much appreciated. Thank you.