I've problem in the reading section in TOEFL, any advices or tricks to solve it

i’ve entered the test ,and my score is not that great " although a lot of schools can accept it , but these schools are quite far from my house ,about 1 hour and half , and i want to enroll into school that is near from me about 45 min."

ok i’ve scored 19 in the reading section ,just because i didn’t have the time to read and answer all the questions " 3 reading passages ,long passages , 44 questions, in 80 min"

i didn’t do bad on the writing and listening and speaking . i scored 87/120

but what got me down is the reading, i just don’t know how to skim ,and not to read the whole thing and then solve q by q

any suggestions , i need at least 100-110/120

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture in biology class

anybody ???

Don’t read all the passage.Just read the questions only and remember one key word in question then search the passage by skimming for that key word

thank you sureshch , but i tried that way and it got me 19/30, have u tried it before ,and did u score well

If ud like to,give me ur email address, i have some real tofel reading excises. Practice makes perfect. Ha:)

Practice makes man perfect. Be confident. practice repeatedly. U can definetly got it. All the best. what’s ur name.

Hi Anniehal

I am a newbie to this forum. I am giving my TOEFL exam next month. Can u please just email me the reading exercises which u mentioned in the previous thread. My email id is poornima.parasuram@gmail.com. Thanks for your help !

Hi all
I only scored 22 on readig, but I attemptedly give my idea that is to read all the passage quickly in order to hold the whole main idea, which help you locate where to reach the questions accordingly, and then return on each question to answer following questions.

I don’t think skimming is the right strategy for reading section in TOEFL.One needs to develop reading speed without compromising on the understanding of the passage.I managed to score 105 in iBT and can vouch that reading full passage is important.

can you please send me the questions to on my email address it would much of an help