I've never seen an essay of Kitosdad, has anyone seen it before?

Kitosdad, Please write something, okay? A prose, essay, poem, or anything else.
It will be great, I’ll recite and taste it, maybe by that way we english learners could write out something that seems more native.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why is herring healthier for us than tuna?

Dear Glorning, If you are really interested in what I have written you have only to click on my name, and then click on “Read all posts by Kitosdad.”

There must be fifty short stories, and several poems by now.

Nice to know that my “work” has an appeal for you.


Hi Glorning.
of course experienced and old members have read all of them.
I’ve read the majority of his poems and short stories. I suggest you read them.
I suppose that you have realized that not only is he capable of writing joyful and nice poems and stories, but also he is helpful for English learners.

Of course I can feel that. Although I’ve never seen him, he must be a friendly and gentle person. And sometimes very humorous and cute.(hope the word I choose is appropriate…)

Thank you, I’ll go and find them. There must be lots of people being interested in your works except me.