I've just reached 50 followers on Twitter


Two weeks ago I started using Twitter in earnest and have since gained 50 followers. I must say I like Twitter now much more than Facebook for a number of reasons. Interestingly enough I started using Twitter by following Trump for a while and responding to some of his tweets…


Oh, wow. please notify us what he twitters about his meeting with good guy Kim Jong Un.


Donnie just tweeted that he’s invited his buddy Kim to the white house where Donnie is going to teach him how to speak like a real American so Kim can order his donuts at his favorite donuts shop himself.


Great. Finally those who are busy with burgers can´t committ stupidities. :rofl:


Keep going, Torsten. All the best!


Thanks a lot, Lawrence. Now the number has gone up to 53. But it’s much more than just a number. It’s 53 people who find my ideas valuable.


Congratulations, Torsten! I’m sure you’ll reach 100 followers on Twitter someday.


Sir, your ideas are always valuable.