"I've did that" vs. "I've done that"

What’s the difference between “I’ve did that” vs. “I’ve done that”?


“I’ve did that” is incorrect!

I thought so, but the fact that there are so many occurrences returned by Google made me wonder whether I was wrong to think that.

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Hello, Exiguus:

You have already received the answer.

May I just respectfully remind you that after the auxiliary verb “have,” you should use the PAST PARTICIPLE (not the past):

I HAVE DONE that. (not “did”)

I HAD DONE that. (not “did”)

I HAVE EATEN. (not “ate”)
I HAD EATEN. (not “ate”)

She HAS WRITTEN (not “wrote”)
She HAD WRITTEN (not “wrote”)

I am sure that you get the idea.


If you look closely at those ‘instances’ you’ll find that the majority don’t actually include those terms as a phrase.