It's time to say hello. My name is Dror and I'm from Israel

My name is Dror and i’m from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
I found this forum while i searched goolge for the difference between aim and goal and i found this forum to be nice so i decided to write.

I hope to share my thoughts in the near future
In the main while you can read my blog at and write your comments about my last post

thank you in advance and have a nice week

Hello Dror,

I’m happy to wish you welcome! It’s great that you stumbled on this site. Also, it’s interesting to hear how you got here in the first place! I’ve just gone for a quick browse around your blog (the baby looks lovely!): keep up the good intentions about writing essays!

Looking forward to reading you again here.

Hi Conchita,
Thank you!


Yeah,the baby is too lovely and funny! :smiley: :smiley:
Anyway, welcome here! Hope you can insist on writing
everyday_______Practices make perfect!

Hi and welkome !!!

I would like to tell you that I found warm and friendly people here and it’s a missed chance if you don’t use it … !

Sorry for the bad expression :):):slight_smile:

Hi, everybody. I’m Mehrdad from Iran and it’s so exciting to meet someone from Israel for me. I really want to have the chance to know more about u.10x.