Its so-called app

Line is among a number of big names that Samsung has assembled to provide extra apps for the Galaxy Gear.[color=red] Its so-called app, however, only lets you receive messages and [color=red]reply to them with stickers.

Describe me the red parts please.

Hi, “so-called app” means it is not really good enough to even be called an app. An app is short for an application, a computer program that runs on a smart phone or tablet.

I didn’t know what they meant by stickers, but apparently they are “digital stickers” - this text from the New York Times explains it a little:

[i]Like other Line users, Ms. Suzuki often adds a digital “sticker,” a cartoon image that could be anything from an exuberant teddy bear to a grimacing rabbit. It communicates feelings hard to convey in a text message. “If I’m angry, happy or crying, there’s always a sticker,” she said.

Some of the stickers feature Line’s own characters, including a bear named Brown and a rabbit named Cony, who engage in activities as varied as hugs and flatulence. Others show well-known cartoon figures like Hello Kitty or Marvel Comics heroes.

Line says its users send more than 1 billion stickers per day. Facebook has taken notice; recently it added a sticker function to its messaging application. So has the rest of Silicon Valley. A number of messaging start-ups, including Path, MessageMe and GroupMe, have added stickers in recent months.[/i]

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Thank you very much dear Luschen for your great help.