It's me again ;-)

Hi everybody,

As the sun is shining and I’m feeling a little light-headed but still earnest of mind and
I hope fit for purpose you understand, I thought for a short period I’d undergo a
makeover and indulge in a mild metamorphosis redolent of my obsession with gardening.
Well, it makes a change from that picture of me that has been grinning out to the world
for the last few years!


Alan, and what book are you holding there in your hands? ‘A Day in the Life of’?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a history class[YSaerTTEW443543]


I like your new image, Alan! Wouldn’t it make for a perfect forum mascot – you can count on my vote, anyway!

Or a manual on how to keep the grass green without water, perhaps?

Hi Alan!

Although I?m not that fan of garden dwarfs: Who is the artist, who made that counterpart of you? I think I?ll engage him for a counterpart of mine. :wink: :lol:


Hi Alan,

Why are you wearing a beard and a hat? Isn’t that way to hot in the current summer heat?