Itinerary vs. diary?

Hi, what is the difference betweeen an itinerary and a diary?
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*an itinerary is a proposed route of travel, a guidebook for travelers, an established line of travel or access
*diary is a personal journal (as a physical object), a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

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Hi Kataryzna,

Thank you for your explanation. What do you think does itinerary mean in the following sentence:

Unfortunately, my secretary has replaced my itinerary.


I think she simply changed a formerly planned route/plan of journey to another one.


Hi Katarzyna,

Thanks again for your answer. Actually, it should read ‘misplaced’ instead of ‘replaced’. I still think an itinerary must be something like a diary. Please take a look at this sentence:

“Well, I seem to have misplaced my itinerary and need the name of my hotel so I can get a cab and take it to my hotel.”

I mean, is an itinerary something physical, a book? If so, what is the difference between a calendar and an itinerary?

Hi Openmind:)

The speaker put IT in a wrong place and couldn’t find it.

‘Itinerary’ means here ‘a guidebook for travellers’ or a timetable of a visit in writing (used rather in a formal way).

Calendar shows dates; a diary may be a kind of a calendar to make, let’s say, business notes in it (your private notes). A diary is also a kind of a notebook in which you describe your personal thoughts and experiences day by day.

Look at the links with the photographs; I hope they will be helpful


diary … y-full.jpg
or … y-1951.jpg

calendar … lendar.gif

Hello Kataryzna! Thank you a lot for your speedy reply with all these useful links and information. Now I’m getting a better picture of the meaning of the word itinerary. So, there are the following terms that more or less mean the same or at least are related to each other:

  • itinerary
  • calender
  • timetable
  • schedule
  • diary
  • journal
  • log book

Maybe, there are even more?