It was hard an dangerous work?

After taking a strange sentence into consideration,I’ve decided to consult you about:

“…Edgar Lewis was a coal miner for 30 years.He had work underground in a coal min.IT WAS HARD AN DANGEROUS WORK…”
Please look at the sentence written in capitals,I wonder why they use AN there and HARD is put before AN.Is this a special kind of English sentence?

Your sentence should probably read ‘it was hard and dangerous work’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Maybe it’s and error, and was meant to be written as “and”, or maybe it’s a representation of a certain dialectal use of spoken English and “and”, which is sometimes heard as “an” or “n”.

As for “hard and dangerous” the “full” sentence would be “it was hard work an/and dangerous work”. No need to use “work” twice though.