"it suddenly dawns on my mind" = "I think out it"?

Hi, I have a question about word choice.
Suppose I have a friend. I use Y!M, but he uses AIM, so I can’t chat with him. In order for us to chat with each other, one of us must install the IM program that the other person uses. Because my computer is slow, and I can’t install many program, he decided to install Y!M and set up an Y!M accout so that we could chat with each other.
It’s inconvenient to him, and because I have many exercises to ask him, I decide to let him use AIM, and I will use AIM on the web, such as meebo.com, etc.
How can I say in this context? I want to mean that in the past I did know about meebo but I just forgot about it, and now meebo suddenly dawn on my mind. Is the following sentence OK?
Yesterday, I suddenly think out meebo so I will use meebo to contact you

The example is just what I made up to clarify what I want to say!

Hi Sympathy

‘Think out’ doesn’t work in your sentence. However, you could possibly use ‘thought of’.

You could say something like this:

  • Yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that I could use meebo. So, I will to use meebo to contact you.

Thank you Yankee.
I also think that “dawn on me” is OK, but I wonder if there is a verb or phrasal verb ABC that has the same meaning, so that
“it suddenly dawned on me that I could use meebo” = “I ABC that I could use meebo”

Hi Sympathy

You could also possibly say “Meebo suddenly came to mind”.

Also “it suddenly struck me that…”


What about: It suddenly occured to me that… ?
or: I suddenly hit upon an idea that…

I think they bear the same meaning, don’t they?

Yes, they express roughly the same idea.

  1. It suddenly occurred to me that…

  2. I suddenly hit upon the idea that…

Though there is a difference in focus: in #1, the “idea” is the agent in the action, while in #2, “I” is the agent.

All the best,


Thank you very much, Yankee, Mr Pedantic and lost_soul.
I expected to find just one verb usage to describe the “dawn on me,” but I found more than one.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much… :smiley: :x :wink: :))

You’re welcome!

Another usage is “it slowly dawned on me that…”, for gradual realisation.

Best wishes,