It just happened

Good evening for those of You, who lives in similar time-zone,
how’s everything?
I don’t really know the rules of english,therefore I’m not so suprised,but something happened what I wasn’t prepared for.
As usual,I spent my time with filling out tests (I hope this is the plural form of test)
and I met this sentence:
“The captain of the ship has just asked a sailor if he has ever seen a fish”
Can this sentence be correct?
How come?
If I’m telling a story,it must be reported speach,so it sould sound like: Had just asked,and had ever seen, right?
Or the rule is : if something just happened, then no need to change the form?
Alan, I hope You still awake,

Hi Spencer,

Yes this sentence is correct. By keeping it in the Present Perfect, you can give the impression of actuality or happening now. Let me give you an example describing my answer to your question:

Do you understand the answer? I have just asked you if you have understood my answer.


Yes, I understand the answer, and appreciate it.
Thanks Alan,