It is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life

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Views differ greatly when it comes to the statement that it is only worth watching movies that can teach us something about real life. Some people think most movies are just waste our time and we only need to watch those included educational meaning. However, I think every movie is a good story that deserves to be appreciated. As a result, I totally disagree with the statement. Following are some reasons to explain my point.

In the first place, watching movie is the easiest entertainment that can make people relaxed. When I feel tired, I will choose a comedy like “The Proposal” and buy some potato chips lie on the sofa. When watching the movie, I don’t need to think anything but laugh and cry with the protagonists. It is the easiest way for me to relax. Also, I don’t need to spend too much money on this kind of entertainment.

In the second place, some movies can make our imagination run wild. Take my favorite movie “Harry Potter” for example, the movie provides me a lot of new business ideas. Unreality inspired my creativity. Since the story is happened in the magic world- a totally different life style from my life, there are some magic powers or goods made me impressive. After careful consideration, I believe that there are some goods appeared in the magic world may be realized in the real life.

Finally, talking about latest movies or classic movies is a good topic when we meet new friends. Through the discussion of movies, we can know each other better and get closer. One of my friends Judy, who is a movie lover, makes a lot of friends by share her opinion about movies on the internet.

In conclusion, watching movies can not only make me feel relax but make my imagination run wild. In addition, it is also a good topic to chat with other people. While some people think we should watch movies that can teach us something about real life, I still believe that every movie has its own value and it is worth for us to appreciate it.

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