It is only worth watching films that can teach us something about real life.

Dear Kitos:
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Since movies born, they are endowed with various meanings by human beings. Thus it is only one side for movies to teach us lessons about life. Based on this reason, I reckon that it is rather superficial to say that only the educative movies are worth watching.
Indeed, educative movies can tell us the truth of life that will be a practical guide of our life. Just like my favorite movie Pursuit of Happiness, a story of Chris Gardner impresses me a lot by his persistence and hard work. The spirit conveyed by this movie lights up my life and provide me plentiful encouragements. So this kind of movie is really deserve watching. However, there are still many other kinds of wonderful movie. By watching them, we can obtain other things we need besides principles of life.
First, fiction movies make us imagine. They can bring us into a fantastic world beyond realism. In that world, we entirely stretch our wings of imagination. That is really an unusual experience. I have to mention a recent film The Inception. Psycology, philosophy and sophisticated technology, all these factors are combined into this film by the director which causes the audience’s huge reaction: “Incredible” “How can he figure out this”. Obviously they are intoxicated with this movie. Additionally, we can feel various emotions through sentimental movies. We may have passionate love between two lovers or selfless love from mothers. All these are the most precious emotion of we human beings which exactly touch us. These moving stories may not tell us some practical rules but absolutely they are worth watching.
What’s more, some movies that can entertain us are also popular. With higher pace of life in modern society, people have more stress than before. Thus they need this kind of movie to amuse them. In this point, educative movies which are often serious can not meet people’s requirement.
In a word, it is hasty to prejudge we should only watch movies about life.

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Yesterdays, your work is almost good, but you need to practice more. I would suggest you copy out any essay written by Leenda, and ask yourself if would you use the same words as she has if you were writing this essay.
It is frustrating for you I know, because you have a good imagination, and a nice way with words, but you have to realise that EVERYBODY has to CLEARLY understand what you are writing.
Be patient. You show great potential, and hopefully we can nurse it out of you.

Kitos. 7.5/10