It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subjects. What are courses and what will be effects on society


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Topic: It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subjects. What are courses and what will be effects on society.

It is true that the number of science students are becoming inadequate in different parts of the world nowadays. The essays below analyze some explannations for this situation as well as its influences on society.

There are two main principal factors which contribute to the common disinterest in the science modules. Firstly, those subjects are often challenging and require a lot of diligence together with a great deal of determination and patience. This fact can be exemplified by my fellows who are taking part in a course in Biology. These people said that having to conduct many experiments and make many rough calculations put them under a great pressure to handle successfully their tasks. As a result, science subjects seem to be less attractive to students, compared to other subjects such as business-related subjects and arts. Moreover, many students are unable to comprehend science knowledge even when they would have extraordinary willingness to be exposed to science modules and great perseverance. Obviously, if you are not enough intelligent and creative, you would be bombarded with many difficult questions, then fall behind with your study therefore, these students must shift their subject interest towards easier subjects which are corresponding to their ability.

A shortage of learners opting for science subjects can result in some negative effects on society. The main disadvantage is the scarcity of human resources in science fields. This would lead to fewer technology developments, which would also a big deterrent to people’s higher life quality. For example, there would be less invention of modern facilities such as mobile phone with better functions and robot with more multiple-tasks which help people’s life be more convenient and easier. Secondly, there has been an increasing number of students embarking on economics and business to study, the number of job vacancies in these areas have been much more limited. As a result, these students can be pushed to the verge of unemployment , which would creat more burden on not only their families but also society.

In conclusion, hurdles regarding some strict requirements of science subjects including the patience and intelligence are factored in a lot of students not choosing such subjects to study and the causes of this phenomenon should be address urgently.


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