it is more important to have the rules about the types of clothing that people ar

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Agree or disagree: it is more important to have the rules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to work and school.

There is a hot debate over the question whether rules should be carried out on the types of clothing people wore when they’re in workplaces or school. All the opinions are diverse. In my view, I think that depends on which kind of work you are working at.

For those who works in companies cherish creative thinking, unlimited imagination, it’s better for employees there wear clothes as they wish. Because clothing is one way for they to show their creativity and a unified dress may damp their enthusiasm of working. For instance, in a advertising department of a design company, people there need to create an enlightening or even fantastic and yet novel advertisement for the products, so that the ad can attract more customers. Working with diversified dressed coworkers can inspire them.

However, when comes to workplaces where gravity and earnest is most essential requirement, compulsory rules on unified clothing is necessary. Places like airports for example, a unified dress gives passengers a professional feel so they can trust their plane, and go on their trip without trepidation. What’s more, uniform in such place can indicate which kind of job the wearer take, so it is easy if the passengers are in trouble and need some help from the airport crew. They can simply distinguish staff from other passengers by judging from their clothes.

For the students, the rules are beneficial. Uniform can eliminate the trend of incessant compare. Since every student is wearing the same cloth, they can concentrate most of their focus on study without being distracted. Further, it’s good news for those who always spend quite a bit time on choosing a cloth to school. As the school is uniform is the only choice to them, they can simply pick up the uniform without much thinking.

For those reasons above, whether the rules should be implemented needs to talk case by case. In some area, such rules may only bring negative effect, while in some place, they can be useful and helpful.

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