It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than to learn

There is no debate that ideas and concepts, coming from previous experience, could point out the correct way for human being to follow. It may save time and energy to pursue success. However, contrary to this opinion, my feeling is that learning facts is more significant especially for students.

First of all, facts are better related with the real world which students are trying to study. What you have learned in school is very limited, in practical situation, you will find out it is not like in your reading materials. For example, a student from medical school knows his or her textbook very well,but still do not know what to do when facing with a real patient. Or a business student who could recite all the theories, cannot good at dealing with clients. It is obvious that learning fact is more practical.

Secondly, the more facts you learn, the better life you get. According to the recent released by 21 Century, nearly 80 percent of students tend to become a master who could deal with problems efficiently. No doubt, it is not related with the theories you have learned but the ability to slove when you sink in a dilemma. Like a teacher prefers telling her students what the real American life, such as how to rent a house or buy tickets, rather than claims the responsibility they deserve to develop in a foreign . Since the situation students are familiar with, the chances are that they are more possiblely to learn fast. Thus,facts play an essential role for students.

In other hand, we could not ignore the benefit to learn ideas and concepts, because they are the foundation of knowledge system. If you acquire amount of knowledge, you are possible to know in which aspect you specialize.

But if all the factors put together, learning ideas cannot compete with the benefits of learning facts.
From what we have discussed above, we could draw the conclusion that learning facts is a unique skill in modern society .

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