It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do yo

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Because of industrialization and urbanization, the contrast between a big city & a country side is growing like never before. This difference is clearly evident in terms of the available facilities, Industrial and green house gas pollution, Educational opportunities, healthcare facilities & economic stability. Serene, peaceful and quiet environment, less traffic, easy accessibility & unpolluted weather are the virtues of a country side. Most of the country sides will engross us with their natural beauty. However, the question is to what extent these virtues of a country side will help me in shaping a better future for my child?

Because children will have less resistance power, they are more prone to different illnesses such as flu, throat infections etc. Hence it is very important to have good hospitals, namely children hospitals, in an area near by us. Not only that there will be more hospitals in the big city, but they have more sophisticated equipment than those of small town OR country side.

In Cities we have a blend of people from different regions, religions & ethnicities. Bringing up our child in this diverse environment will help him to understand the nuances of different cultures, religions and regions. My proximity to the people with different backgrounds has helped me in better understanding of their cultures.

Today it is imperative for any child to have a strong academic background to cope up with the ever changing technology.  In cities, we have many schools which will provide good education to our children through different & innovative teaching methodologies Eg: Some kindergarten schools in which the teaching methodology is “student centered learning” rather than traditional “teacher centered learning”. Whereas a countryside will generally have few schools. So we hardly have any choice but to join them in one those traditional schools.
While it is tough to get a high salaried job in a country side, in cities we have many industries which will pay high salaries, a wherewithal I need to bring up my child more luxuriously. 

It is true that a child, while in city, has to withstand with traffic issues, pollution & insecurity. However city has more amenities, which can provide a better future to him, than a country side has. Hence I would prefer to bring up my child in city rather than in countryside

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