It drives me up the wall

Perhaps I should explain what this means. It suggests that something really annoys you, irritates you and makes you mad. Another expression having the same meaning, which I quite like, is ‘it gets my goat.’ The question is: What is it that really drives you up the wall? Is it certain behaviour? Is it bad manners? Is it bad spelling? Is it politicians? Is it people who love to have the last word? Is it mobile phones? For me it’s noise. Not any old noise, you understand. After all I can tolerate the sound of the odd aeroplane flying overhead. I can even put up with the sound of car alarms going off as long as it’s not 3 in the morning! The noise I can’t stand is that of a dog barking, not just now and again but for long periods at a time. You see I am a bit of an expert on dog barking because I live three doors down from household that has two dogs. The trouble is they never takes these beasts out for a walk so they sepned their leisure time barking - the dogs I mean, not the neighbours. These dogs first appear in the back garden at about 11, it’s their kind of coffee break. Then they go indoors and you can hear a sort of muffled barking. Then for lunch they come out again and serenade everyone with a further chris of barking. Tea time, there they are again. And so it goes. There are times when I have evil thoughts about these animals. I dream about ways of annihilating them. But I now that’s bad but I hope you sympathise. Tell me what really annoys you.