is written/was written

Are these sentences both correct:

[color=red]1-War and Peace is written by Tolstoy.
[color=indigo]2-War and Peace was written by Tolstoy.


First one is incorrect as a dead man’s activities, all are past tense.
See on TOEFL suggestion by Barron’s.

Also see in Murphy’s grammar, intermediate level etc.

Hi Navi,

Both sentences are correct in different ways. In answer to the question: Who wrote War and Peace? you would say: It was written by Tolstoy.

You could also say: Do you know War and Peace? It is written by Tolstoy. In that example the writing of the book remains timeless and is true today as it was in the past and will be in the future.

With respecting Mr. Alan,

I quoted you from Raymond & Murphy’s English Grammar in usage(Cambridge ELT series)
intermediate level: unit 20

Do you think -War and peace is written by Tolstoy- and your context are synonymous
contexts, I am really like to know them more!

He sometimes wears this furry hat-it does mean he has been doing this since long day,
it is continual. It is possible but when a person already did a job and he is not doing anything now, how does it be present indefinite, never mind,I am unable to understand.

Yes, I can do if we find any other authenticated grammar books that say this ways,
sorry I look a pedantic one, at the moment.