Is “To me” or “I think” superfluous?


Is “To me” or “I think” superfluous in the second sentence?

Do you know why my answer was different? To me, I think Answer (b) means I have got a bottle instead of an aspirin.

Thank you.

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Hi Bhikku,

I presume that this post relates to the earlier post you made this morning about the test question concerning a bottle of aspirin. I understand that you are trying to select the appropriate forum for the question, but in this case it would have been better if you had not started a new thread, as it is now difficult to understand the context of ‘to me’ and ‘I think’.

To me, answer (b) means I have got…
I think answer (b) means I have got…

You don’t need ‘to me’ or ‘I think’ together.

Hello Beeesneees,

Many thanks for your clarification.

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