Is this sentence "I got my car stolen" awkward?

Hello, everyone!

I’ve read this in an article.

"I got my car stolen."can be awkward. It could mean “I got someone steal my car.”
(“got” means “coax or so”) So “I had my car stolen.” would be better.

I wonder if it is right. What about your thought?

Hi flashup
get something done (informal !) = have something done (formal) and it means arrang for someone to do something.
sometimes " have/ get something done" have different meaning, like your example.
“I got my car stolen” means " my car was stolen from me".
You know, I think it’s not awkward for native spoken because they use it and they understand the meaning, but for someone who isn’t native english (like you and me) it seems weird.

Hello Flashup and Parandokht,

I totally agree that ‘I got my car stolen’ is a very poor choice of phrase if the speaker means ‘I had my car stolen’.
Use of ‘I got’ indicates that you made the arrangements, so ‘I got my car stolen’ can certainly indicate that you arranged for someone to steal you own car, rather than you had your car stolen from you. It sounds awkward to me even though I understand the meaning and I wouldn’t use it.

Most native English speakers would probably stick to:
I had my car stolen.
My car was stolen.

Thank you beeesneees, Your comment is very useful. Thanks agian.

Thanks guys!
Your comments are very helpful.