Is this sentence correct ?

Hi, everyone

I’m wondering if this is grammatically accepted:

’ I just can’t find the button to submit my time sheet
when I’m finished filling it out.’

I think it should be corrected like this : I have finished filling it out.

Am I right ?

I have never seen this expression , “be finished ~ing”.


Both are acceptable; yours is preferable, perhaps, but many AmE speakers also use the original.

Thank you ,MM

Have a nice day!

You might hear that expression colloquially, TT, but you are right that it’s not grammatical.
When people use that phrase informally they indicate each time they finish filling it out, so it’s a sort of colloquial continuous form.

‘… when I finish filling it out’ is probably the most common correct form, but ‘when I have finished filling it out’ is okay too.

I got it, CMD

Thanks a lot.

Good day!