Is this phrase correct: "Please to consider this offer seriously"?

I have seen this “Please to” used many times and I feel that it sounds odd whenever I see it used. I don’t understand what one means by starting the statements with “Please to”.

Some examples (which I think are grammatically correct)

“Please to consider this offer seriously”
“Please to remember the tragedy of 9/11”
“Please to recommend a topic”


Could someone help me understand what the above sentences mean and in general when should we use "Please to? and when not? (as in should it be used when we are being sarcastic or maybe when we are pleading etc.)


Interesting. I too confess to have heard this form many times, and I have always considered it not a real English structure, but jocular, in imitation of a foreign (possibly Italian) speaker of English.

No bigotry intended, but it seems to me to have the form of another language impressed upon it.

I am curious to hear if another member finds a place for it in natural English structures.