Is this phrase correct: I have got other works to do?

Am i correct when I say :

we have got other works to do.


In this case the noun work is uncountable, so it would have to be We’ve got other work to do.
If you want to use a noun in the plural form, here is an idea:
We’ve got other things to do.

Let me know what you think,

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Thanks Torsten, though it was a typo error, I had to face the humility within my friends circle. Do we have to be ashamed of the errors we commit in english, I dont speak English at home, but we cannot do business without it.
Also Most errors appear to our eyes while having a written communication.

You are absolutely right, drahul. But, well, we all try to get better at it. :wink:

why should you feel ashamed?
It is not your mother tongue; for all that your English is good. Writing makes one perfect. Go ahead, write; don’t bother about making mistakes; get them corrected.


well said, we must do our home work regularly. I have joined few blogs, and started adding few comments. The blogs can do better in developing our vocabulary. But the same is quite annoying when I see despicable posts and abusive comments.

I always return to this forum for brushing up my grammer and vocabulary.